At Boonswang Law we are life insurance attorneys, professionals, and experts. We understand the different steps in claiming life insurance, and more importantly, we know exactly what to do if a claim is denied. We work together with family, friends, and loved ones of the departed to ensure that they can benefit from the preparations and payments of their dearly departed. We also understand how difficult it can be during the process of contending a life insurance claim that has been denied and work to help make the process as easy and simple as possible.

It is important to know what the life insurance claims process is, though, as sometimes it is only because of simple mistakes that claims are denied.

The life insurance claims process is as follows:

  • Have official documents with the insured’s full name, and potential nickname. The life insurance company will want a copy of this information. Usually a certificate of death is sufficient. Having copies of the birth certificate and driver’s license is also recommended, and often times required, depending on the issuing company.
  • Date of birth should come directly from the birth certificate and the death certificate.
  • State of residence is also required, which is why having a final copy of the driver’s license is important, if they did not have any one, any other official identification should suffice for most claims.
  • Life insurance policy number, this might be one of the most important aspects of filing a claim for life insurance. It is important to have a copy and a record of the life insurance policy. Make sure that everything is up to date. This is especially important in preparing for a loved one to depart.
  • Date and cause of death will also be asked and important to know. This can be obtained from medical records and typically from a death certificate.
  • After receiving the notification of death, typically the agent of record will contact the beneficiary of the life insurance policy, however this is not always the case and be ready to contact them if necessary.
  • Forms will needs to be completed, including a W-9, turning in forms is when the issuing company will most likely need official copies of the different government documents mentioned above.
  • Once all of the forms have been received the resolution of the claim will usually be made by someone from corporate.

While the process seems rather simplistic, remember that there are a lot of little things that may go wrong that can delay the claim. Also remember that is there is a problem to contact Boonswang Law right away. Boonswang Law is more than willing to help you through the life insurance claims process to ensure prompt delivery of the claim.