Life Insurance Beneficiary Rules in NY

How Does Life Insurance Work in New York State? If you are the owner or a beneficiary of a life insurance policy issued in New York State, this guide will provide you with important information about how life insurance works there. While there are some federal laws governing life insurance nationwide, every state treats insurance … Read more

Is a Life Insurance Policy a Marital Asset?

A life insurance policy may count as a marital asset, depending on what law or laws control the policy. Whether or not it is a marital asset, an insurance policy will be subject to both federal and state insurance law as well as community property law. Life insurance beneficiary rules for spouses and ex-spouses can be … Read more

Interpleader Action in Life Insurance Lawsuits

Life insurance interpleaders are the legal actions filed when there is a dispute over who should be the beneficiary and receive the death benefit. Have you been served with an interpleader complaint? If not, do you think you should be a life insurance beneficiary, but the policyholder did not name you? Were or are you … Read more

Has Your Life Insurance Policy Been Rescinded?

Has Your Life Insurance Policy Been Rescinded? Find out from the experienced life insurance lawyers at Boonswang Law how a life insurance policy gets rescinded, and what to do if you are a beneficiary of a rescinded life insurance policy. If your claim for death benefits was denied because the life insurance company rescinded the policy, do … Read more

Do life insurance companies have a statute of limitations on payments?

Waiting for a claim to be paid out can be a frustrating process. Generally speaking, claims should be processed and paid out within a month, but this is often not the case. Some claims can take several months before being approved or denied, often being delayed several times by the insurer. Beneficiaries might begin to wonder if they’ll ever … Read more

Life Insurance Comapany Not Paying Full Amount?

This article will explain the common ways in which life insurance companies underpay valid beneficiary claims for death benefits and the reasons why. If your claim is denied for a valid reason, there may be a way to negotiate a settlement for part of the claim depending upon the reason that the claim was denied. … Read more

Contesting Life insurance Beneficiary Last-Minute Changes

Our Life Insurance Attorneys Represent You in the Interpleader An “interpleader” is a legal action that is initiated by the life insurance company when the new beneficiary and the removed beneficiary file a claim for the same death benefits, and the removed beneficiary challenges the change in designation. The purpose of an interpleader is to … Read more

Beneficiary Problems with Employer Group Life Insurance

Recently there has been a lot of successful litigation by beneficiaries of group life insurance policies provided by employers. In these cases, the insured either retired, quit, or was fired, or became disabled and stopped working, and then passed away. An employer providing group life insurance to employees is required by the insurance documents to … Read more

Autoerotic Asphyxiation Life Insurance Claim Denied

Sometimes the way a loved one dies exacerbates the grief of friends and family members. Autoerotic asphyxiation can be one of those causes of death, but life insurance beneficiaries often have more problems to deal with than their embarrassment or shame when an insured dies that way. Was your life insurance claim denied when the … Read more