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Life Insurance Claim FAQ

My life insurance claim has been delayed or denied, what should I do now?


You need a firm, and an attorney, that will focus solely on your insurance claim.  While some firms claim that they are life insurance lawyers, many have no experience whatsoever.  With over 18 years of real world experience, and hundreds of life insurance claims won or settled, The Boonswang Law Firm is the best choice to help you get what you deserve.  Our firm will assist you in getting the full policy amount in the quickest manner possible.


Why was my life insurance claim denied?


The insurance companies only make money when they can gather more premium payments than they pay out in insurance benefits.  This gives the insurance companies an incentive to deny as many claims as possible.  Some of these companies will do anything in their power, including illegally delaying your benefits and unlawfully denying your claim, to avoid paying you money.  The Boonswang Law Firm can help you fight the insurance company, and their staff of attorneys, to get the benefits that you are entitled to.


Does your life insurance law firm work on a contingency fee basis?


Yes. The Boonswang Law Firm works on a contingency basis.  That means that you pay us absolutely nothing until our firm gets you the money that you deserve.  If any firm has offered to handle your claim for a set percentage, we will always offer to settle your claim for less, no matter what.


What do I do if I have an ERISA claim?


Most employer group life insurance policies are governed by ERISA, which preempts state law. Our firm has extensive experience navigating ERISA claims, and can guide you through this process.


What documents do I need to bring a claim?


Our firm can help guide you in getting all the necessary documentation in order to bring a claim against your insurance company.  Because no two cases are exactly alike, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you gather all the documents you need.


I am located in another state, can your firm still help me?


Absolutely, our firm works with partners to handle claims from all over the country.  We  have an extensive network of attorneys that are located in or around your area.  We will be here to help when you need us and will give you the individual attention necessary for a quick resolution of your claim.


Why should I choose your firm?


The Boonswang Law Firm has over 18 years of practice experience, and almost ten years of experience getting you the most money for your life insurance claim.  We aren’t afraid to fight the insurance companies to help you get what is rightfully yours.  Call us today for a free consultation.

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