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Common Reasons Life Insurance Claims are Denied in Arizona

In Arizona, life insurance claims can be denied for various reasons, some of which are more common than others. Understanding these reasons can help you navigate your claim process more efficiently and effectively.

Insufficient Proof of Death

In some cases, life insurance claims can be denied due to insufficient or incomplete documentation proving the death of the policyholder. This usually includes a death certificate, which must typically be submitted to the life insurance company as part of the claim. 

If a death certificate isn’t provided to the life insurance company or is missing important details, the life insurance company may deny the claim. In such cases, acquiring a complete and accurate death certificate and re-submitting your claim can help resolve the issue.

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The aftermath of losing a loved one can be stressful, and dealing with life insurance companies doesn’t make it any easier. 

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Lapse or Termination of Life Insurance Policy

If the life insurance policy has lapsed due to missed premium payments or if it has been terminated for some reason, the life insurance company is likely to deny any claim on that policy. Understanding the status of your policy and ensuring all payments are up-to-date is crucial in preventing such denials.

Cause of Death Excluded from Coverage

Not all causes of death are covered by every life insurance policy. For instance, some policies don’t provide coverage for deaths caused by dangerous activities or pre-existing health conditions. 

If the policyholder’s cause of death is excluded from the policy’s coverage, the life insurance company may deny the claim. It’s essential to be fully aware of what your policy covers and doesn’t cover.

Alleged Misrepresentation

In some situations, insurance companies may deny a claim due to alleged misrepresentation on the part of the policyholder. This can occur if the policyholder didn’t disclose vital information or provided inaccurate details to the insurance company when applying for the policy. 

Fighting such allegations from your family member’s life insurance company often requires legal assistance. At Boonswang Law, we’re ready to help contest these denials and work to prove the validity of your claim.

Insurance Scams & Bad Faith: What to Watch Out For

Navigating the complexities of life insurance can be a daunting task for many policyholders in Arizona. Understanding common insurance scams and instances of bad faith insurance practices is crucial in safeguarding your rights and financial future.

Look out for these unethical, scammy life insurance company tactics.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) policies are often promoted as a lucrative investment opportunity, promising a cash value component that’s linked to a stock market index. While these life insurance policies can be beneficial, they’re complex and might be misunderstood or misrepresented. 

In Arizona, some policyholders have been left facing unexpected outcomes, such as a sudden increase in premiums or a lesser cash value than anticipated due to market fluctuations. It’s essential to ensure that the terms and potential risks of an IUL policy are clearly explained by the life insurance company and understood by the policyholder before proceeding.

Churning Scams

Churning is an unethical practice where an agent persuades a policyholder to cancel their existing life insurance policy and purchase a new one, often from the same life insurance company. The motivation is usually to earn an additional commission, but it leaves the policyholder in a detrimental position. 

They may face higher premiums due to their increased age or changes in health status, lose policy benefits that had accrued over time, and start a new contestability period. If you’re an Arizona resident who suspects you’ve been a victim of a churning scam, legal assistance from life insurance attorneys may help you recover your losses.

Insurance Bad Faith

Bad faith insurance claims occur when insurers don’t uphold their contractual obligations or violate the duty of good faith and fair dealing. For example, an insurer in Arizona may act in bad faith by denying a claim without a valid reason, delaying claim processing. It is also considered bad faith if the life insurance company fails to investigate a claim.

If you’ve experienced any of these bad faith issues, you have legal rights and remedies under Arizona law.

Working with a skilled life insurance lawyer, such as those at Boonswang Law, can provide guidance and protection against these scams and bad faith practices. Our team is committed to serving the people of Arizona and ensuring they receive the insurance benefits they’re entitled to and overcome bad faith denial or other types of claim denial.

What to Expect When You Hire an Experienced Arizona Life Insurance Lawyer

The team of life insurance attorneys at Boonswang Law in Arizona is here to offer numerous benefits, making the process of navigating life insurance policies and handling your life insurance claim considerably easier. Let us assist you in several important ways:

  • We take charge of all interactions and discussions with the life insurance company, reducing the burden on your shoulders.
  • We ensure you are constantly informed about any updates or progress in your case.
  • We delve into the reasons cited for the delay or denial of your claim, scrutinizing the details.
  • We examine the circumstances around the insured person’s death, verifying whether the reason provided for denial is indeed valid.
  • We help solve any disputes over incorrect payment amounts you might encounter.

Bear in mind, life insurance companies can sometimes be quick to find reasons to postpone or even deny your claim for death benefits. In such cases, legitimate claims may not receive fair treatment. At Boonswang Law, we’re committed to helping you stand up against these injustices and ensure you receive the payout you’re entitled to.

Common Questions About Life Insurance Benefits in AZ

How Long Does it Take to Get a Life Insurance Payout in AZ?

Typically, life insurance companies take between 30-60 days to process a claim after you submit one. Try to submit your claim soon after the insured person’s passing, especially if you are dealing with big insurance companies. With the help of an AZ life insurance lawyer, you can ensure a smooth and timely process.

If you’re experiencing unnecessary delays, the insurance company may owe you interest. Don’t worry – give us a call, and we’ll help.

If your claim gets denied, it’s not the end of the road. Often, the reasons given for denial can be contested. Our AZ life insurance lawyers are experienced in disputing denied claims. Reach out to us; we’re here to improve your chances of securing your rightful money.

Minors can’t directly receive life insurance benefits. If no trust was set up by the policyholder, the court will appoint someone to manage the funds for the minor.

Give us a call! We can help you challenge the denial. Often, we’ve found policyholders had no intention to deceive. We have successfully secured payouts for many clients this way.

If you suspect fraud, duress, or violation of a court order, you should consider filing a beneficiary dispute.

Don’t lose hope; you might still get paid. The circumstances causing the policy lapse matter. For instance, if the policyholder didn’t receive necessary notices or conversion forms, you could still receive death benefits. Every case is unique, so consult an experienced Arizona life insurance lawyer like us to investigate your specific situation.

If you suspect a loved one had life insurance, look for clues. You can contact their employer for benefits information, check their personal documents, or look for premium payments in their bank statements.

Absolutely not. If you come across any document suggesting this, it could be fraud. Contact us immediately if you suspect you’re being cheated out of the benefits you should receive.

It depends. Divorce or remarriage can complicate who the actual beneficiary is, and the rules vary by state. We can help you understand your rights as the deceased’s spouse or former spouse.

In cases where the beneficiary is deceased or cannot be found, the benefits will go to the policyholder’s estate.