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For years, our dedicated life insurance attorneys have been assisting clients throughout GA in obtaining the life insurance benefits they rightfully deserve.

Individuals purchase life insurance policies to secure their loved one’s financial future. Some entrepreneurs buy life insurance to ensure a smooth continuation of their business should they pass away.

One might assume that beneficiaries would automatically receive the death benefit once the policyholder passes away. However, this isn’t always the case. Life insurance companies sometimes unfairly and wrongly deny or delay payment on life insurance claims, undermining the policyholder’s intentions. 

If you believe your life insurance claim has been unjustly denied or delayed, a life insurance lawyer serving GA at Boonswang Law Firm is here to help.

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Our GA Life Insurance Lawyers Have Helped Beneficiaries from these Areas Among Others:

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Typical Reasons for Denial of Life Insurance Benefits in GA

People often think that if they have life insurance, their loved ones will easily get the money when they pass away. Sadly, this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, life insurance companies find reasons to say no to paying out the money, leaving you and your family without die compensation.

Here are some reasons why your life insurance company might deny death benefits:

Policy Interpretation Issues

Life insurance companies often interpret policy terms in a manner that denies your payout. Keep in mind that these companies only profit from their shareholders when they don’t pay life insurance claims!

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Unpaid Policy Premiums

A life insurance contract is straightforward – the policyholder pays premiums, and the insurance company provides coverage. When premiums to your life insurance company go unpaid, coverage ceases. 

Terminating life insurance coverage is heavily regulated, and life insurance companies and employers who offer group life insurance coverage to employees sometimes fail to adhere to these regulations, resulting in unpaid premiums. 

In such cases, the policyholder isn’t at fault, and we may be able to secure payment for the beneficiary.

Alleged Self-inflicted Injuries as Cause of Death

Suicide is a common exclusion in life insurance policies, meaning it isn’t covered. Public policy allows this exclusion to prevent individuals from buying life insurance for their loved ones with the intention of committing suicide.

Regrettably, many causes of death can be misconstrued as suicide. In these situations, we investigate, establish the true cause of death, and ensure our clients receive their payment.

Retroactive Cancellation Due to Misrepresentation

If the policyholder made an error on the initial life insurance application or medical questionnaire, the insurance company may argue that the policyholder misrepresented themselves to obtain a lower premium payment, resulting in denied life insurance claims for beneficiaries.

In such cases, if the alleged misrepresentation is unrelated to the cause of death, we have successfully secured payment for our clients. Even if the misrepresentation is connected to the cause of death, we may still obtain the death benefit for our client minus the amount the policyholder would have paid in premiums if the insurance company had known the relevant information.

What You Can Expect When Collaborating with a Boonswang Law. Life Insurance Attorney?

Our GA life insurance attorneys commit to helping you secure the death benefits your family deserves by:

  • Analyzing the life insurance policy terms and provisions to ascertain coverage and exclusions
  • Examining the denial letter and other correspondence from the life insurance company to determine the reasons behind your claim’s delay or denial
  • Negotiating with the life insurance company to secure a payout during disputes
  • Taking your life insurance claim to court against the life insurance company when they unreasonably or dishonestly delay or deny payment for a valid life insurance policy
  • Investigating claims and allegations made by the life insurance company in denying your life insurance claim to challenge or cast doubt on their assertions

Life insurance companies employ experts, consultants, and attorneys who prioritize the company’s profit margin. The more premiums the life insurance company collects, and the fewer death benefit claims the life insurance company pays out, the more money the life insurance company shareholders make. 

In other words, the interests of the life insurance company conflict with yours and your family’s. The Boonswang Law Firm will champion your cause to secure the death benefits you deserve after your loved one’s passing.

Commonly Asked Questions About GA Life Insurance

Who Can Alter the Beneficiary on a Life Insurance Policy in GA?

In Georgia, only the policyholder can modify their life insurance beneficiary. If someone else changed the beneficiary, it constitutes fraud and should be contested.

There is no specific time limit, but disputing a denied life insurance claim sooner rather than later improves your chances of collecting evidence supporting your life insurance claim against your life insurance company.

If the primary beneficiary passed away before the policyholder, the life insurance company pays the death benefit to the secondary or contingent beneficiary. If no secondary or contingent beneficiaries were designated, the death benefit goes to the policyholder’s estate.

Similar to when the beneficiary predeceased the policyholder, the life insurance company pays the death benefit to the policyholder’s estate.

If you suspect a loved one had a life insurance policy but lack certainty, search for evidence in safe-deposit boxes, desk drawers, recent mail for premium notices, and bank account statements for proof of premium payments.

Certainly! Policyholders often name one child as a beneficiary, but nothing prevents you from sharing the death benefit with your siblings.

If you suspect the beneficiary change was fraudulent or made under duress, you can contest it. However, proving this can be challenging, so enlist the help of an experienced life insurance beneficiary attorney.

If the lapse was not the policyholder’s fault, such as employer negligence or life insurance company failures, you might still receive death benefits.

Under no circumstances can the beneficiary be changed after the policyholder’s death. If the beneficiary was altered postmortem, this change constitutes fraud. Consult an experienced life insurance beneficiary attorney right away.

Yes, a spouse can contest a life insurance policy if they were supposed to be a beneficiary for any reason and someone else was named instead.