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At Boonswang Law, our team of life insurance lawyers has helped people throughout Massachusetts receive the life insurance death benefits their loved one intended.

Your loved one purchased a life insurance policy to ensure your financial well-being. You would think that, as a life insurance beneficiary, you would automatically receive the death benefit upon your loved one’s death. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. 

Life insurance companies often attempt to thwart the goals of policyholders by unfairly and incorrectly denying or delaying payment on life insurance claims. If you feel your life insurance claim was wrongly denied or payment is being delayed, a life insurance lawyer serving Massachusetts can help you get your payout.

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Our Life Insurance Lawyers Have Helped Beneficiaries from these Massachusetts Cities and the Surrounding Areas:

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Common Reasons Life Insurance Death Benefits are Denied in MA

Insufficient Proof of Death

If the policyholder passed away in another country, the life insurance company might stall payment on your claim. This is often due to a delay in getting a death certificate or because a foreign death certificate doesn’t give enough information about the policyholder’s death.

In such cases, reach out to us. We help relatives of the deceased navigate their life insurance policies. Talk with us — you might even be owed interest by the life insurance company.

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For years, the Boonswang Law Firm has been assisting life insurance beneficiaries all over Massachusetts. Our legal practice aims to get you and your family the death benefits you’re entitled to quickly and efficiently. 

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Lapse or Termination of the Life Insurance Policy

A life insurance agreement is quite simple — the life insurance company provides coverage while the policyholder pays the premiums. If premiums aren’t paid, coverage ends. You must make sure you pay premiums to prevent a lapse in coverage.

However, ending life insurance coverage is strictly regulated in each state. Sometimes, life insurance companies or employers who provide group life insurance coverage to employees don’t follow these regulations. 

This could result in a failure to pay premiums, which isn’t the policyholder’s fault. In such situations, we may still be able to help the beneficiary get paid.

Cause of Death Excluded from Coverage

Life insurance policies list certain causes of death that aren’t covered. These are known as “exclusions.” Common exclusions in life insurance policies include suicide and death due to terrorism or acts of war.

If an exclusion can be twisted to match a policyholder’s death, the life insurance company might deny your claim. In these situations, we investigate thoroughly and often prove that the exclusion doesn’t apply, helping our beneficiary clients get their due.

Alleged Misrepresentation

If a policyholder left out information or made an error on the initial application for life insurance or the medical questionnaire, the life insurance company might claim that they misrepresented themselves to pay a lower premium and then deny the beneficiaries’ life insurance claims.

In these cases, if the claimed misrepresentation wasn’t related to the cause of death, we have often helped our clients get paid. Even if the misrepresentation was connected to the cause of death, we might still be able to help you get the death benefit minus the amount the policyholder would have paid in premiums if the life insurance company had known of the missing fact.

What You Can Expect When You Work with a Massachusetts Life Insurance Lawyer at Boonswang Law

  • Our life insurance attorneys will review and explain the terms of the life insurance policy 
  • We’ll investigate the denial letter and any other communications from the life insurance company to figure out why your claim is being delayed or denied
  • We’ll build a case to refute those delays or denials and take your claim to court if the life insurance company if they’re being unfair or dishonest 

Remember, life insurance companies have teams of experts, consultants, and lawyers whose job is to protect the company’s profits. The more premiums a life insurance company collects, and the fewer death benefit claims they pay out, the more money they make. 

In short, the life insurance company’s interests clash with yours and the policyholder’s.

At Boonswang Law, an experienced attorney will stand up for you to help you get the death benefits you deserve after your loved one’s death. Don’t let your loved one’s insurer get the better of you.

Insurance Scams & Bad Faith: What to Watch Out For

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) is a complex product that many insurance companies push to unsuspecting customers. They are often sold with promises of great returns and flexibility. However, the reality can be quite different.

The costs of these insurance policies can be high, and the promised returns can be misleading. Furthermore, the policy’s values are often tied to stock market indexes, leading to unpredictable and potentially negative results. It’s vital to consult with an expert before committing to such a policy.

Churning Scams

Churning is a deceptive practice where insurance agents convince policyholders to switch from one policy to another frequently. The goal of churning is to generate commission for the agent, not to benefit the client.

These switches often come with new contestability periods and the potential for denial of a claim. The policyholder might also incur higher costs or lose accrued benefits. Be wary of insurance agents who frequently recommend changing policies without clear and tangible benefits for you.

Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance bad faith refers to unethical practices by insurance companies, such as unreasonable delays in processing claims, denying claims without a valid reason, or failing to investigate a claim properly. If you feel that your insurance company is not handling your claim fairly, it may be an instance of bad faith. Seek legal counsel immediately in such situations.

Remember, insurance companies are obligated by law to treat their policyholders fairly and honestly.

Massachusetts Life Insurance FAQ

How Long Does It Take to Get a Life Insurance Payout?

Typically, if there are no issues with the claim, the insurance company should pay the beneficiary within 1-2 months of the claim being filed. If it’s been longer than this and you haven’t been paid yet, get in touch with us. 

If an insurer is unreasonably delaying payment, they might owe you interest on the death benefit.

If the delay wasn’t justified, meaning, the insurance company had no good reason to hold off paying you, you might be entitled to interest on the death benefit.

You can challenge it. When you receive the denial letter from your insurer, it should also contain documents explaining how to dispute the denial with the insurance company. Call us if you need to dispute a denial of your life insurance claim — we can assist you.

Many claims that were initially denied end up being paid out by the insurer if you fight back.


A minor cannot directly receive life insurance death benefits. It’s likely a court will have to assign a conservator to manage the funds on behalf of the minor beneficiary. Regrettably, despite warnings from the court, there’s little to stop a conservator from using the funds for their own benefit.

If a policyholder wants a minor to receive the death benefit, they should set up a trust with the minor as the beneficiary and name the trust as the beneficiary of the life insurance policy. This way, they can select who will act as trustees.

You can dispute a change in the beneficiary designation if you suspect it was made fraudulently or under pressure. These cases are tough to prove, so make sure to contact an experienced life insurance beneficiary attorney for help with this.

You should dispute the denial. It’s possible to still receive pay if the lapse wasn’t the policyholder’s fault. For example, if an employer didn’t give the policyholder conversion papers or mismanaged the policy, or if the insurance company failed to send the policyholder the legally-required lapse notices.

Call our MA life insurance lawyers if your life insurance claim was denied due to lapse. We’ll investigate and strive to get you paid if it’s possible at all.

If you think a loved one had a life insurance policy but aren’t certain, you’ll have to look for evidence. Check their safe deposit box or desk drawers for clues. You can also review their recent mail for premium notices and look through bank account statements for signs of premium payments.

Absolutely not. If the beneficiary designation was changed after the policyholder’s death, that change was fraudulent. If this happened, get in touch with an experienced life insurance beneficiary attorney right away.

Yes, they can if they were supposed to be the named beneficiary for any reason and someone else was named instead. Contact us if you were supposed to be a beneficiary on a life insurance policy, but someone else was named — we can assist you.

If the main beneficiary died before the policyholder or cannot be found, the insurance company will pay the death benefit to the backup or contingent beneficiary. If the policyholder didn’t designate backup or contingent beneficiaries, the death benefit can be paid to the policyholder’s estate.