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If you’re facing delays in securing your deceased loved one’s life insurance payout and suspect the insurance company is purposefully holding back your lawful benefits, we want to help. Turn to the trusted life insurance lawyers serving Minnesota from Boonswang Law today and begin your fight against these predatory and unethical practices.

For 20 years, Boonswang Law has been the go-to name in life insurance litigation for beneficiaries caught in the web of misleading tactics perpetrated by many of the major insurance providers. These insurers know our name because of our success in recovering the benefits rightfully belonging to our clients. We will not allow you to get taken advantage of during your time of grief!

Other firms handle cases all across the legal spectrum in tandem with their work in insurance litigation, but at Boonswang Law our clients can count on the expertise of our team. We focus solely on life insurance law in Minnesota, and we can achieve the outcome you deserve.

Whether you’re dealing with delays, outright denials, or family complications such as divorce affecting the distribution of benefits, our track record stands for itself. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your money goes into your pocket rather than staying with the big insurance providers or the wrong beneficiary.

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Common Reasons Life Insurance Policies Deny in MN

Navigating the red tape of life insurance claims is often a daunting task, more so when met with resistance from an insurance provider. In Minnesota, beneficiaries frequently face a series of roadblocks from insurance companies, which serve to prevent them from claiming the death benefits they rightfully deserve. These barriers can manifest in various forms, such as accusations of alleged misrepresentation or complications arising from lapsed policies.

Being aware of these strategies that insurance providers use to withhold or delay payments is crucial for beneficiaries. Armed with this insight and backed by the expertise of Boonswang Law, you can more effectively contest unjust denials or delayed life insurance claims and secure the benefits to which you are legally entitled.

Interpretation Issues

Insurance policies can be laden with technical jargon and complex language that in turn can lead to misinterpretation. Often, insurance companies exploit these ambiguities to deny valid life insurance claims. Our lawyers can help you decode policy language and contest unwarranted denials based on alleged interpretation issues.

Premiums Were Not Paid

Missing a premium payment can lead to claim denial, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have no legal recourse. Various circumstances can affect premium payments, and our attorneys can evaluate your situation to determine if your lapsed claim can still be honored.

Self-inflicted Injuries

Policies often exclude self-inflicted injuries from life insurance coverage. However, insurance companies sometimes wrongly classify an accident as self-inflicted to avoid paying out your loved one’s policy. We can assist in gathering substantial evidence and expert testimonials to counteract these fraudulent denials, thereby helping you secure the benefits that rightly belong to you.

Retroactive Cancellation

There are instances where insurance providers will cancel a policy retroactively to avoid the obligation of fulfilling a legitimate claim. This is usually executed by claiming that there were errors or omissions in the original application. Such tactics leave beneficiaries in a precarious position.

Our highly knowledgeable and motivated lawyers can guide you through the process of collating all the necessary documentation, including prior correspondences and payment records, to successfully contest the cancellation.

Insurance Scams & Bad Faith: What to Watch Out For

While insurance is designed to provide a safety net, there are instances where life insurance providers act in bad faith or engage in outright scams to avoid paying out your loved one’s policy. Knowing what to look out for can help protect you and your life insurance payout.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Indexed universal life insurance stands out as a unique offering by combining permanent coverage with a savings component. Unlike traditional life insurance, this policy type provides the policyholder with an elevated degree of autonomy in determining how the policy’s cash value grows over time.

Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes market these indexed universal life insurance policies in a misleading manner, touting high returns that seldom materialize. If you believe you’ve been misled into purchasing such a policy, legal options exist to help you address the issue and potentially recover your losses.

Churning Scams

Churning involves the unethical practice of excessive buying and selling by a broker for the purpose of generating commissions for the insurance agent. If you suspect that you’re a victim, our legal team can investigate and we may be able to help you recover your losses.

Insurance Bad Faith

Bad faith insurance can manifest in various ways, such as unnecessary delays or unjust claim denials, the lack of a thorough investigation, or even the outright denial of legitimate claims without adequate justification. Experiencing any of these tactics can be both frustrating and financially detrimental. Our Minnesota attorneys have the expertise to identify these practices and help you recover your rightful benefits.

MN Life Insurance Questions

Who Can Change The Beneficiary On a Life Insurance Policy in MN?

In Minnesota, the authority to change the beneficiary on a life insurance policy usually rests solely with the policyholder. Unauthorized changes to a beneficiary designation could represent illegal activity such as fraud or undue influence.

The time frame for disputing a denied life insurance claim can differ based on the specific circumstances of your case, including the insurance provider’s policies and Minnesota state law. Missing these deadlines could forfeit your right to appeal. Our attorneys can help you identify these critical timelines and formulate a strategy for your appeal.

If the listed beneficiary is already deceased and no contingent beneficiaries are named, the life insurance payout generally defaults to the estate of the policyholder. Navigating estate law can be complex, and our legal team can assist you in ensuring that the benefits are distributed in accordance with Minnesota laws.

When a life insurance policy lacks a designated beneficiary, the death benefit is once again directed to the estate of the policyholder. This often necessitates a probate process, which can be time-consuming and complicated without the assistance of legal counsel.

Determining whether a deceased loved one had a life insurance policy can be a confusing task with many avenues to start from. Our attorneys can offer guidance by suggesting potential sources of information, such as employers or personal financial records. Legal instruments like subpoenas can also be employed to obtain the required information.

In Minnesota, it’s generally permissible for siblings to share life insurance benefits if they are designated as co-beneficiaries. The distribution would be subject to the terms of the policy and any applicable laws in the state.

If you believe that a recent change in beneficiary designation involves suspicious circumstances like fraud or undue influence, our lawyers can assist you in contesting the change. Proper legal avenues exist for addressing these concerns.

A lapsed policy doesn’t necessarily mean you are ineligible to claim the death benefit. Depending on the reasons for the lapse and any grace periods that may apply, you could still have a valid claim. The lawyers of Boonswang Law can evaluate your unique circumstances and advise potential courses of action.

Typically, a life insurance policy’s beneficiary designation becomes final upon the death of the policyholder. However, exceptions based on specific conditions and loopholes do exist. Our attorneys can help you explore these rare but possible scenarios.

Minnesota law does permit spouses to contest a life insurance policy under particular conditions, such as suspected fraud or violations of spousal rights under state law. Our legal team can assess your situation and help you understand your rights and options for contesting the policy.