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Our team of experienced Nevada life insurance lawyers has helped people throughout Silver State get their claims for life insurance paid. Whether you need help filing your claim for death benefits or your claim has been denied, we can help.

If your life insurance claim was denied, don’t take no for an answer!

Life insurance companies often deny valid claims for reasons that don’t hold up upon investigation. Life insurance companies only make money for their shareholders when they delay or deny claims. An experienced life insurance lawyer serving NV will help you fight back and get the money you deserve.

Our dedicated team of life insurance lawyers has helped beneficiary clients who live in and near the following cities in Nevada:

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The Four Predominant Reasons Life Insurance Claims Get Denied in Nevada

Many individuals assume that designated beneficiaries will instantly receive death benefits upon the policyholder’s death, but this is rarely the case. The reality is life insurance companies are profit-oriented businesses, and they generate profits by minimizing payouts. 

Consequently, they are motivated to find reasons to deny claims for death benefits. They often invoke the following justifications – justifications that often prove irrelevant when scrutinized further.

An Exclusion Clause Applies

All life insurance policies contain certain causes of death that aren’t covered – these are referred to as policy “exclusions.” Deaths resulting from acts of war or terrorism and suicide are typical exclusions. 

If there’s even a slight possibility that a policyholder’s death falls under these exclusions, the insurance company may leverage it as a reason to refuse your benefits claim.

Should the insurance company deny your claim citing an exclusion, reach out to us. An experienced NV life insurance lawyer can offer legal help and aid you in obtaining your due benefits.

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The last thing you want to deal with is the cruel denials of your loved one’s life insurance company. Let us deal with the life insurance company on your behalf. 

We have helped many Nevada life insurance beneficiaries get the death benefits their loved one intended that they receive. Call Boonswang Law today at (855) 865-4335 for your free, no-obligation case review.

Policy Lapse Due to Non-payment of Premiums

For a life insurance policy to remain active, the policyholder must consistently pay their monthly premiums. Failure to pay policy premiums results in a lapse of coverage, leading to a denial of subsequent death benefits claims.

If your claim was refused due to policy lapse, don’t accept their denial without question!

In many instances, we’ve found that lapses were not the fault of the policyholder and the clients paid. If the lapse occurred due to employer negligence in processing conversion forms or due to the insurance company’s failure to send legally mandated notices, we’ve been able to secure payment for our clients.

Similarly, if a policyholder was eligible for a disability waiver of premium but didn’t receive it, we’ve secured their beneficiaries’ rightful payment.

If your claim has been denied due to a policy lapse, give us a call and seek legal advice. Our Nevada life insurance attorneys might be able to help you receive your deserved payment.

Misrepresentation by the Policyholder

If a policyholder provides misrepresented material health information in their initial life insurance application or medical questionnaire, insurance companies often allege fraud and deny the beneficiary’s claim.

Life insurance companies are allowed to refuse claims when policyholders misrepresent themselves in order to discourage individuals from providing false information on their applications to secure lower premium rates.

However, we’ve assisted numerous Nevada beneficiaries when insurance companies claim material misrepresentation. In many cases, we’ve been able to prove that the supposed material misrepresentation wasn’t intended to defraud.

If your life insurance claim was refused due to alleged misrepresentation, don’t hesitate to contact us for legal help.

Policyholder's Death Occurred Abroad

When the insured person dies overseas, it frequently results in either claim denial or payment delay.

Insurance companies need official proof of death of the insured person to process and pay death benefit claims. Such proof is usually a certified death certificate but could also be an obituary or funeral home bill.

If the policyholder died overseas, the insurance company may delay claim payment until they receive adequate documentation. In some cases, if the foreign documentation is insufficient to confirm the policyholder’s death, they may deny the claim entirely.

If your claim is being delayed or has been denied for this reason, get in touch with us. We might be able to provide legal help.

Insurance Scams & Bad Faith: Red Flags to Look Out For

Navigating the world of life insurance can sometimes feel like a daunting task. From complex policy details to an abundance of legal jargon, it’s easy for exploitative individuals to take advantage of unsuspecting clients. 

It’s critical to know the warning signs of scams and bad faith practices to safeguard your rights. Understanding these red flags can help you avoid falling victim to unethical insurance practices and allow you to get the full benefit of your policy. 

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

The allure of an Indexed Universal Life Insurance policy can be enticing, as it promises the potential for high returns while minimizing risk. However, don’t be fooled by the glossy cover page. These policies can often be layered with complexity and hidden fees.

In addition, the promised returns can be contingent on market performance, which can vary. A competent life insurance attorney can guide you through the intricacies and help protect you from any unscrupulous practices.

Churning Scams

Churning is a nefarious practice wherein an insurance agent excessively trades policies to generate commission rather than to benefit the client’s interests. This scam can result in you paying for unnecessary coverage or incurring unforeseen costs. 

At Boonswang Law, our experienced attorneys are adept at identifying and addressing churning scams to ensure that your best interests are prioritized.

Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance companies have an obligation to operate in good faith. Unfortunately, some insurers breach this duty, denying claims without valid reasons, delaying payouts unduly, or interpreting policy language unfairly to benefit themselves. 

If you feel you’ve been treated unfairly by your insurance provider, we at Boonswang Law are here to help. Our team of expert attorneys will stand by your side, combating instances of bad faith and fighting for the justice you deserve.

What You Can Expect Working With an Experienced Nevada Life Insurance Lawyer

We represent our beneficiary clients in life insurance claims and life insurance claims denials on a contingency basis.

That means that we do not get paid unless you do. 

In addition to no out-of-pocket cost to you, here are some of the many ways we can and will assist you with your Nevada life insurance claim:

  • We handle all communications with the life insurance company 
  • We apprise you of all developments in your case
  • We answer your correspondence and return your calls promptly  
  • We investigate the reason given for your claim denial or delay 
  • We investigate the cause of death of the policyholder
  • We determine whether the reason your claim was denied applies

Remember, the life insurance company has the incentive to use any possibly-applicable reason to delay or deny your claim for death benefits. Because of this, many valid life insurance claims are denied, or payout is delayed unfairly in Nevada.

If this is happening to you, give our legal team a call. We may be able to help you get paid.

Frequently-Asked Questions About Nevada Life Insurance Benefits

How Do I Challenge a Beneficiary Designation?

Initiating an “interpleader” with the court is the first step to dispute a beneficiary designation. In such situations, the life insurance company will hold off on disbursing death benefits until the dispute is settled.

If you believe a beneficiary designation is fraudulent, was forced, violates Nevada laws regarding beneficiary designations for a spouse or former spouse, or contradicts a court order specifying the beneficiary, please reach out to our legal team. We’re here to assist.

Even though a national policyholder database doesn’t exist, there are ways to investigate. If the deceased person was possibly covered under a group life insurance policy through their employer, reaching out to the employer could be helpful.

It’s also beneficial to scan their important documents for any life insurance policy paperwork and examine bank statements for life insurance premium payments.

Life insurance companies generally take between 30 to 60 days to process and payout a claim for death benefits in Nevada. Having a skilled NV life insurance attorney on your side can ensure your claim is filed promptly and accurately, ensuring a smoother claim process.

If you haven’t received any updates on your claim status and it’s been more than 60 days since you filed, the life insurance company might be unjustly delaying your claim. In such scenarios, we’ve been able to compel insurance companies to pay interest on the claim amount to our clients. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us — we may be able to help.

Claim denial can be disputed. The insurance company should provide a letter explaining the denial reason along with the claim denial notice. A proficient NV life insurance attorney can evaluate your claim and investigate the applicability of the insurance company’s denial reason. 

Call us — we’re experienced in navigating these processes to enhance your chances of receiving the funds your loved one intended for you.

Absolutely! You must challenge the denial. We’ve frequently found during our investigations of lapse-related claim denials that the lapse wasn’t caused by the policyholder, resulting in our clients receiving the death benefit.

Every case of policy lapse is unique, so consulting an experienced Nevada life insurance attorney about your specific situation is advisable.

Don’t worry, we’re here to assist. Life insurance companies are permitted to deny beneficiaries’ claims when policyholders allegedly “misrepresent” themselves in their application or medical questionnaire. This deters individuals from providing false information to lower their premium payments.

We scrutinize every misrepresentation case we handle, often discovering that while the policyholder may have made an error in their application or medical questionnaire, there was no intent to deceive. We have successfully secured payouts for many of our Nevada clients in such situations.

If the policyholder didn’t specify contingent or secondary beneficiaries, the death benefits will be allocated to the policyholder’s estate. Regrettably, this makes the death benefit subject to the claims of the policyholder’s creditors.

To prevent creditors from claiming any or all of the death benefits, policyholders should regularly update their beneficiary designations and name contingent or secondary beneficiaries.

Yes, if you suspect the beneficiary change was manipulated or forced, it’s advisable to initiate a beneficiary dispute. A policyholder is allowed to alter their beneficiary designation anytime, given they are of sound mental state. We’re here to assist you in such matters.

A spouse or ex-spouse of the policyholder should contest the beneficiary designation if they should have been the beneficiary as per state law or court order. An experienced life insurance attorney can guide you in understanding your rights as a spouse or ex-spouse under Nevada law.

Absolutely not. Any changes to the Beneficiary Designation forms made post the policyholder’s death are considered fraudulent. If you suspect someone is attempting to unlawfully deprive you of the death benefits you’re entitled to, contact our Nevada life insurance attorneys immediately.