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Confused about setbacks preventing you from securing your rightful life insurance benefits? Look no further than Boonswang Law, your go-to experts in life insurance litigation in Vermont. Our adept team of lawyers specializes in the state’s complex insurance laws, making the process of claiming death benefits as straightforward as possible. With two decades focused solely on life insurance litigation, we’re equipped to tackle the deceptive tactics frequently employed by the major insurance firms.

In Vermont, the journey to claim your life insurance benefits can be daunting and filled with hurdles that seem almost insurmountable when faced alone. You may encounter unfair delays or even outright denial of legitimate claims from insurance providers, hindering you from receiving the funds owed to you from your loved one’s policy. Complex family dynamics, such as divorce or familial estrangement, may add additional layers of difficulty, sometimes leading to the distribution of benefits to the wrong individuals.

Renowned for our 20-year dedication to life insurance law, Boonswang Law stands as a beacon of legal prowess in the Green Mountain State. We commit to leveraging our substantial experience to help you win the benefits you rightfully deserve.

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Taking on a major life insurance company in Vermont requires a partner who is proficient in the intricacies of Vermont insurance law. That’s where Boonswang Law comes into play. Our team of well-versed attorneys is equipped with time-tested knowledge and stands ready to defend your rights against unethical insurance practices.

Our lawyers have amassed a track record of success in resolving life insurance claims and overturning unjust claim denials. Insurance giants are well aware of our winning reputation and fear the name Boonswang Law. Don’t let them capitalize on your vulnerability in this moment of deep sadness; reach out today for the legal support you need.

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If you believe your insurance provider isn’t acting in your best interest, don’t hesitate to reach out for your complimentary initial consultation. At Boonswang Law, you will discuss your case specifics with an expert Vermont life insurance lawyer, helping you to understand your legal options.

Trust our decades of experience helping Vermont residents get their life insurance benefits.

We’re armed with the know-how and proven track record of negotiating successful life insurance payouts. If you’re grappling with a large insurance company, it’s our attorneys’ singular mission to secure the life insurance benefits you and your family have been waiting on and rightfully deserve. Our dedicated team of life insurance experts tailors each legal approach to match the unique circumstances and requirements of every individual client.

Common Reasons Insurance Companies Deny Policies:

Understanding the common reasons for denial is crucial to successfully push back against an insurance provider with unethical practices. Boonswang Law can guide you through a number of unique challenges and circumstances ranging from allegations of false statements to issues related to premium payments.

Interpretation Issues

Life insurance policies often intentionally feature complex verbiage, which can cause misunderstandings and give insurance companies in Vermont an opening to decline your claim. Our life insurance litigators excel in unraveling such blatant misinformation to ensure that your policy is fairly interpreted to provide you with the benefits you deserve.

Premiums Were Not Paid

If you’ve been told that your loved one’s life insurance policy has lapsed because of missed premium payments, don’t think your options are automatically limited. There may be room to contest this excuse, especially if the insurance company failed to notify the policyholder adequately or if unusual circumstances like a medical emergency interfered. Our legal team meticulously reviews the specifics surrounding claims of unpaid premiums to evaluate the strength of your case.

Self-inflicted Injuries

Certain life insurance policies may not cover incidents of self-inflicted injuries. Insurance companies may mistakenly label a fatal work accidental event as self-inflicted to avoid paying the claim’s beneficiary. At Boonswang Law, our attorneys critically examine all evidence and consult with external specialists, when required, to overturn such wrongful categorizations and secure your rightful benefits.

Retroactive Cancellation

Insurance firms occasionally cancel policies retroactively, often claiming fraudulent information in the application as their basis. Boonswang Law is ready to pour over your policy meticulously to unearth any unwarranted cancellations. If you’re faced with a retroactive policy cancellation in Vermont, our legal experts act swiftly to restore your coverage and facilitate timely benefit payments.

Insurance Scams & Bad Faith: What to Watch Out For

For beneficiaries in Vermont, navigating through insurance fraud and unjust claim rejections adds another layer of difficulty to an already tense circumstance. At Boonswang Law, we’re experts in shining a light on deceptive practices in the insurance industry and securing justice on your behalf. By entrusting your case to our seasoned legal professionals, you fortify your position to ensure that both your family and your life insurance benefits are effectively protected.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

When dealing with Indexed Universal Life Insurance policies, subtle details and misleading clauses can easily be overlooked. These policies are often misleading by design, promising high returns that hardly ever materialize. Boonswang Law examines every aspect of these complex contracts to uncover any deceptive terms that were used to wrongfully jeopardize your benefits.

Churning Scams

In Vermont, “churning” refers to the act of switching life insurance policies, largely at the request of untrustworthy brokers or agents looking to earn a commission at your expense. Boonswang Law evaluates the rationale behind why such changes were made, aiming to recover any benefits you may have lost due to unwarranted policy switches.

Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance companies operating in bad faith can make life exceedingly difficult for beneficiaries. Our litigation team gathers comprehensive evidence to build a lock-tight case against such predatory insurers. We focus on proving that they have acted in bad faith by intentionally denying valid claims, helping you obtain the justice and financial security you are entitled to.

Frequent VT Life Insurance Questions

Who Can Change The Beneficiary On a Life Insurance Policy in VT?

In Vermont, typically only the policyholder has the authority to change the beneficiary on a life insurance policy. Some policies may have irrevocable beneficiaries, meaning the beneficiary can’t be changed without their consent. Boonswang Law can guide you through Vermont’s specific regulations and the terms of the policy in question to clarify who holds the power to effect such a change.

You generally have a limited timeframe within which to dispute a life insurance claim denial, often around 60 days from the receipt of the initial denial notice. The exact time may vary based on your policy terms. Missing out on this window could forfeit your right to appeal, so you must act now. Boonswang Law can swiftly act on your behalf to ensure you meet all critical deadlines.

If a life insurance policy lists a beneficiary who is also deceased, the proceeds usually go to the contingent beneficiary, if one is named. If no contingent beneficiary exists, the funds generally become part of the deceased’s estate and then subject to probate. Vermont laws and the policy’s specifications will further dictate the distribution. Our attorneys can help interpret these nuances.

If no beneficiary is listed on a life insurance policy, the death benefit typically goes into the policyholder’s estate and is distributed according to their will or Vermont’s intestacy laws. Boonswang Law will advise on how to navigate these legal pathways to secure the death benefits.

Finding out if your now-deceased loved one had a life insurance policy involves checking their financial records, reaching out to their employer, or contacting the Vermont Insurance Department for assistance. Boonswang Law can also provide investigative services to help you locate any hidden or forgotten policies in the state.

In Vermont, you can share life insurance benefits with your siblings if you’re the named beneficiary and choose to do so. The policy does not dictate how you use the funds once they are received. Boonswang Law can offer top legal advice on the most tax-efficient way to distribute the money among siblings.

Yes, you can contest death benefits if the beneficiary changed recently, especially if the change was made under questionable circumstances such as undue influence or fraud. Vermont laws allow for the contesting of beneficiary changes, and Boonswang Law’s attorneys can represent you in these challenging insurance disputes.

In some cases, yes. Vermont state law allows for a grace period, and there might be other conditions under which a lapsed policy can still pay out. They would include scenarios where proper lapse notices were not provided, among others. We will painstakingly inspect your policy to determine whether you still have a valid claim.

In Vermont, a beneficiary usually cannot be changed after the policyholder’s death unless specified otherwise in the policy terms or a legal dispute modifies the beneficiary designation. Boonswang Law can clarify the specifics based on Vermont law and the policy in question, as well as represent your interests should you wish to seek this change.

A spouse may be able to contest a life insurance policy under certain conditions in Vermont, such as if they were unfairly removed as a beneficiary or if community property laws come into play. Boonswang Law can assess your situation and offer specialized legal advice to set you up for success.

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