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At Boonswang Law, client satisfaction is paramount. We would like to share what some of our clients have said about their experiences with us. We also invite you to visit Avvo.com to read client endorsements and learn why Chad Boonswang received a 10.00 rating.


“I am a model and musician and was performing in Phoenix. I stayed at hotel and suffered a terrible injury that not only lost me modeling/performance work because of the injury, but also pain and side effects from the medicine prescribed.  I found Chad Boonswang, Esquire online and read the reviews about his firm.  He took my case and I thought I’d only get my medical bills covered and my hotel stay refunded.  Mr. Boonswang was able to get me financial remuneration for damages that were 10-times more than I ever expected.  Mr. Boonswang is a kind, considerate, and thorough attorney and I highly recommend him.”

Phoenix, AZ


“I went to the hospital and later contacted attorney Chad Boonswang and he got me a settlement in a timely manner. What I really liked about him is that he was above board and honest in everything he said and did. Not only that, but he looked out for my best interest and let me know what my best options were.”

Harrisburg, PA


“I was leery about hiring a lawyer I had not met but my mind was put at ease right away. Chad was very honest & forthcoming with me and I was very pleased with the way he handled my case. Plus, he’s a nice guy. Would recommend him in a heartbeat.”

Philadelphia, PA


“After a severe allergic reaction I received related to staying at a well-known motel, I went to the hospital and later contacted Attorney Boonswang for assistance—he got me a great financial resolution in a timely manner. What I really liked about him is that he was above board and honest in everything he said and did.”

San Antonio, TX


“I fought with the insurance company for over a year after my husband’s death trying to settle the claim. After they denied the claim I found Chad G. Boonswang and it only took him a couple of months and I had a very good resolution to the case. If it had not been for Chad I would be in sorry shape. I would recommend Chad to anyone having problems with insurance companies.”

Hartford, CT


“We never thought we would have to fight with our insurance company over our claim because we always paid our premiums. Chad Boonswang made them hear us loud and clear. We got the claim, fair and square, thanks to his hard work and diligence. We thank him!”

Los Angeles, CA


“With my medical bills piling up, the hospital was stalling and I was really nervous about who I could trust for our malpractice suit. I felt completely comfortable with Chad Boonswang and he helped me get a good settlement that covered my medical bills and time I lost being off sick from work while I was recovering.”

Chicago, IL


“Here I’d worked for this company for 14 years and when I was injured I thought compensation wouldn’t be a problem. They gave me a hard time until I hired Chad Boonswang to take on my case. He explained all the legalese to me carefully and won my case. I’d definitely recommend him.”

New York, NY


“The last thing I pictured going on vacation was getting an injury because the motel stairs were in such bad shape. I am glad I went to Chad Boonswang. The settlement he got me gave me real peace of mind. I am definitely grateful to him.”

Philadelphia, PA


“When my husband died, my whole life was coming apart and all I needed was to have the life insurance company treat me so unfairly. It was shocking.  Fortunately, I found The Boonswang Law Firm and they fought hard for my case and won it for me. I know my late husband is resting easier up there, knowing I’m well taken care of.

Houston, TX


“When we got our life insurance policies, we made sure we went with a big name company. Well, it came as a total shock to find out that didn’t amount to anything when my wife died and they didn’t want to agree to my claim. Chad came to my rescue. He broke it all down into language I could understand. And he came through for me, winning my case. He’s a good guy.”

Phoenix, AZ


“We took out life insurance policies in our early twenties when we were starting our family. We never thought cancer would take one of us well before we’d retired. I started tangling with the insurance company after my wife died and it was a real nightmare. After Mr. Boonswang took on my case, things turned around and he got the insurance company to pay up fair and square.”

San Diego, CA

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