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Suppose you’re embroiled in a dispute over a loved one’s life insurance claim. In that case, it’s natural to have finances on your mind and a desire to recoup
Spring Break is the perfect time to visit popular tourist destinations worldwide. If you’re thinking about going away this spring, some common factors will usually help you land on
Does a Life Insurance Policy have to go through Probate? Generally speaking, no. Usually, life insurance death benefits are paid out directly from the insurer to the beneficiary or
Life insurance is a necessity for family and loved ones, but it is an often misunderstood topic. These misconceptions don’t reflect the actual role life insurance plays in the
You think you know how life insurance works – your loved one purchased a life insurance policy so that if something should happen to them, you would get a
What Are the ERISA Claims & Appeals Procedures?  If you get health and retirement benefits through work, ERISA is supposed to protect your rights regarding these programs. If you
What Questions Should You Ask an ERISA Attorney After an LTD Denial? Long-term disability (LTD) insurance is helpful if you are injured to the point that you need to

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