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You think you know how life insurance works – your loved one purchased a life insurance policy so that if something should happen to them, you would get a
If you are the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, and your life insurance claim was denied in COVID-related death, don’t take no for an answer. The life insurance attorneys at
Unfortunately, one of the most common reasons insurance companies refuse to pay a life insurance claim is because the insured smoked, but did not disclose their past or current
Can the life insurance company deny your claim because the insured used alcohol? The short answer is yes, claims for death benefits are frequently denied unfairly when alcohol is
Can you appeal a life insurance claim denial? Yes! Are you a life insurance beneficiary whose claim was denied? This article will explain exactly what to do if your
Sometimes the way a loved one dies exacerbates the grief of friends and family members. Autoerotic asphyxiation can be one of those causes of death, but life insurance beneficiaries
What Are the 4 Most Common Reasons Insurers Deny Life Insurance Claims? If you have a life insurance policy to provide your loved ones with financial benefits after your

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