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Why Would a Life Insurance Policy Need Probate Papers?

Does a Life Insurance Policy have to go through Probate? Generally speaking, no. Usually, life insurance death benefits are paid out directly from the insurer to the beneficiary or beneficiaries without going through probate. Life insurance is not part of the insured’s estate and is not subject to debt collection, payment of the insured’s bills, … Read more

A Guide to Handling Your Life Insurance Claim Denial Appeal

You think you know how life insurance works – your loved one purchased a life insurance policy so that if something should happen to them, you would get a payout. Unfortunately, the process is rarely that straightforward. Like any other business, life insurance companies seek to make a profit. They only make money for their … Read more

ERISA Claims & Appeals Procedures

What Are the ERISA Claims & Appeals Procedures?  If you get health and retirement benefits through work, ERISA is supposed to protect your rights regarding these programs. If you are considering making a claim to access any of the benefits available to you–such as disability, health insurance, or life insurance–you will need to follow specific … Read more

Contesting Life Insurance Beneficiary Last-Minute Changes

While almost any life insurance policyholder has the power to change their beneficiary designation at any time, a last-minute beneficiary change may indicate fraud, duress, or lack of competence. That the beneficiary change was made shortly before the death of the insured should raise suspicions that the new beneficiary may have made the change, the new beneficiary … Read more

The Incontestability Clause in Life Insurance Policies

You’ve probably heard of the Contestability Period, which is the two years following the purchase of life insurance during which a life insurance company can contest the beneficiary’s rights to the death benefit due to a misstatement or omission on a policyholder’s application for life insurance and medical questionnaire. So what is an “incontestability clause?” … Read more

The Grace Period for Life Insurance Policies

The Grace Period for Life Insurance Policies Both policyholders and life insurance beneficiaries should know what the grace period is for making premium payments on a life insurance policy. Life insurance companies frequently make administrative mistakes and let policies lapse while still in the grace period. In these instances, coverage should remain in effect and … Read more

Why Your Life Insurance Claim Takes So Long

Usually life insurance companies take 30-60 days to process a beneficiary’s claim for death benefits, but often payouts get delayed. This article explains the various circumstances under which a life insurance may reasonably delay paying your claim. If none of these reasons seem to apply to your claim, contact the experienced life insurance lawyers at Boonswang Law. … Read more

What is “Material Misrepresentation” in Life Insurance?

Life Insurance Misrepresentation defined by a national life insurance beneficiary attorney. Material misrepresentation is an untrue statement or omission that affects an insurer’s decision whether to issue a life insurance policy, and if issuing the policy, what premium the insured will pay. Usually the omission or untrue statement is meant to work in the insured’s favor, … Read more

What Happens to Life Insurance with No Beneficiary?

Learn from the nation’s top life insurance lawyers where death benefits go when there is no life insurance beneficiary or the beneficiary predeceases the policyholder. If you are an heir of a policyholder who did not list you as a beneficiary, we may be able to help you. Call us for your free, no-obligation consultation. What a … Read more

What Are Unfair Insurance Claim Practices?

Insurance companies often use unfair insurance claim practices to avoid paying the total amount of a claim that an insured person is due. They may either reject the claim outright or reduce the payout substantially. When someone has dutifully paid their insurance premiums over time and expects that the insurance will be there if they need it, … Read more