16 Reasons Life Insurance Won’t Pay Out

People purchase life insurance policies to protect their families and dependents in the unfortunate event of their death. Life insurance policies are valid, legally binding contracts between policyholders and life insurance companies. So, why is the life insurance company not paying out? These are the sixteen most common reason life insurance companies deny claims: Just … Read more

Chad Boonswang: One of America’s Most Honored Lawyers

America's Most Honored Lawyer

The Boonswang Law Firm is pleased to announce that Chad Boonswang has been named one of America’s most honored lawyers of 2023. As one Ameirca’s most honored lawyers of the year, Chad Boonswang and his team of professionals are dedicated to helping clients get the legal help that they need. The Boonswang Law Firm is … Read more

Life Insurance Beneficiary Laws in Florida: A Guide

How Does Life Insurance Work in Florida? If you are the owner or a beneficiary of a life insurance policy issued in the State of Florida, this guide will provide you with important information about how life insurance works there. While there are some federal laws governing life insurance nationwide, every state has its own … Read more

Is COVID-19 Covered By Your AD&D Policy? Maybe…

If you or someone close to you contracted the coronavirus, filed an AD&D claim, and the insurer denied your claim, call us. If there is a way to get your claim paid, we will find it. If a loved one died of COVID-19 and your beneficiary claim for death benefits was denied, we can help … Read more

Can a Life Insurance Claim be Denied Because of Coronavirus?

Life Insurance Beneficiary Lawyer to Help You If Your Life Insurance Claim is Denied due to COVID-19, the disease caused by the Coronavirus We are in the middle of a worldwide health crisis. Everyone is concerned with avoiding contracting the coronavirus, but what happens if you or a loved one does fall ill and dies? … Read more

Getting Accidental Death & Accidental Dismemberment Payouts

What is an AD&D policy? Typically accidental death and dismemberment insurance (AD&D) is available as a rider to a life insurance policy or a health insurance policy. An AD&D rider covers the unintentional dismemberment or death of the owner of the policy. It is also referred to as a “double indemnity rider.” These are the … Read more

Does Life Insurance Cover Acts of War or Terrorism?

The answer is, maybe. Most life insurance policies contain a “war exclusion” clause, which specifically excludes coverage for acts of war like: Terrorism Revolution Military coup Insurrection Invasion Have you lost a loved one due to a purported act of war or terrorism, and your life insurance claim was denied?  Don’t take no for an … Read more

Beneficiary Problems with Employer Group Life Insurance

Recently there has been a lot of successful litigation by beneficiaries of group life insurance policies provided by employers. In these cases, the insured either retired, quit, or was fired, or became disabled and stopped working, and then passed away. An employer providing group life insurance to employees is required by the insurance documents to … Read more

AARP Life Insurance Claim Denied Due to Lapse – What To Do

Sound familiar? It happens more often than one would think. If this happens to you or someone you love, don’t feel powerless – there is something you can do about it. Even if Denied, You May Still Receive the Benefits When someone buys a life insurance policy, whether through AARP or another administrator, the insurance … Read more